If entry of famous brands and rise of global shopping and cross-border online shopping represent import,M shopping represents export;

As more and more overseas brands impact the Chinese market, more and more people ignore excellent Chinese goods and their highlights.

As the saying goes, “diamond is always shining”, there aren’t no excellent commodities but eyes to find beauty.

But I believe there is a platform which delivers Chinese quality goods and provides customers with quality goods. It’s M shopping...

Mission: realize Chinese dream, lead the trend

Vision: become the first access of Chinese goods to the world

Core value:integrity, happiness, fashion

We work for ourselves and struggle for enterprise

We hold the faith “every employee is obliged to provide customers with over-value services”

We encourage and appreciate each other and take “passion” as our teacher

We are youths with enterprising spirit, family affection and passion! 【Detailed】

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Tel:400-0574-039 13656897191

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